Unpacking a box only to discover that your beloved antique teapot is in pieces is a heartache that may get in the way of an otherwise happy move. Luckily, it is also one that can be avoided with a little extra preparation. Here are a few tips for getting everything to Thunder Bay in one piece:


There a few things you will want to have on hand when you’re getting ready to pack up your most fragile items. First of all, you will need several sizes of cardboard boxes, packing paper, and old newspapers (for crumpling up between items), then you will need lots of packing tape, scissors, and of course, bubble wrap (smaller bubbles are best, and make sure not to pop them all before you use it!). Packing peanuts are another great addition if you can get them.

Banish Empty Space

The key to protecting your fragile keepsakes is to pack them with as little empty space as possible. Glasses should have paper stuffed inside before being wrapped up, plates should be stacked vertically with paper in between them and any bits that protrude (handles, lids, etc.) should be wrapped individually with bubble wrap in addition to wrapping the item as a whole.

Double Up

For very fragile or valuable items, especially ones that you are transporting over a large distance, try doubling up the box. Put the (well wrapped!) item in a tightly packed box, and then pack that box into a slightly larger one, with bubble wrap or paper to fill the empty space. This will keep the smaller box snug and prevent shifting, and will provide an extra layer of cushioning when you hit any bumps on the road. With these tips and a little extra caution, you’ll be able to set up your china cabinet or your wall of priceless porcelain figurines without having to use the glue.

Thinking About Moving?

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