Moving house can be an emotional time. Leaving aside the physical work of packing up all of your belongings, getting them onto a truck, and unpacking them again, the prospect of leaving behind a place where you have created many memories can be difficult.

Your old home is the place where you woke up and had coffee every morning, where you returned to after a long day at work, where you had friends over for meals and laughter and where your family has shared all kinds of moments, happy and sad. A transition to a new house can be especially difficult for children, who will likely be feeling a sense of powerlessness and might have a hard time understanding why this change is happening at all. It might be hard to make the transition completely painless, but there are some things you can do to make it easier.

Keep Children in the Loop

This is a big decision, and it’s important to let your kids be a part of it. While they might not have a say in whether the move is going to happen, they should be kept in the loop so they don’t feel like they are being toted along completely against their control. Show them pictures of the new house, and if possible, take them on a tour. Let them know about some fun things to do in Thunder Bay, so they can get excited about what they can look forward to. For example, there may parks near your house, or a sports team they can get involved with.

Don’t keep them in the dark about what’s happening, and focus on the positive.

Let Them Feel Their Feelings

While it’s important to focus on the positive aspects of your new house and new city, it’s also good to remember that it’s okay for your children to be sad, confused, or even angry.

Sympathize with your children and let them feel what they feel. Be there for them and don’t try to force them to act excited if they are sad. It might be helpful to tell them that you will miss your old home too, but try to stress how much they will have to look forward to in the new city.

Keep In Touch

There are lots of ways for people to stay in contact these days, and this will go a long way in helping ease the transition for your children. Set up a regular Skype date with their friends, babysitter, relatives, whoever they might be leaving behind and wish to keep in touch with. Make a project of sending letters. Anything that might help your children feel connected with their loved ones will be helpful, and will also give them an activity to focus on while they’re still working on making new friends.

It might take some time, and your children might miss their old home for a while (and you might too!) but with your continued love and support they will be making just as many new happy memories as they have old ones.

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