Here are some of useful moving tips on taking care of your art during a move.

You get what you pay for

Make sure that you pay as much as you can afford to pack your art up efficiently to protect your priceless pieces. I made the mistake of wrapping one of my favourite pieces in newspaper, thinking that I am smart and saving money, to unfortunately discover that the ink had rubbed on to my painting! Needless to say, I paid quite a lot to have it restored. Now, I have learned to invest in good solid specialty boxes for artwork that can be purchased from Tbay Movers.

Learn about your art

Each art piece has special characteristics that make it unique. You want your packing materials to be safe and secure enough to transport these art pieces. So, read up on each art pieces’ key elements so that you don’t make any careless mistakes with incorrect packing that can scrape away, destroy or disfigure your piece of art.

Bubble it up… Especially artwork under glass!

Bubble wrap will save the day. Bubble wrap all your precious art that you have framed under glass so that you never have to worry about any helping hand that decides to play catch with your Mona Lisa!


Let your movers, neighbours, helpful assistants know multiple times that this is precious, fragile art and that you might faint on the spot if it is damaged. Be very clear on how important and fragile the art piece is so that everyone knows that you are very serious about the safety and security of your art.
I hope these tips help you in filling each home that you inhabit with gorgeous pieces of (undamaged) art work!

Thinking About Moving?

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